The vacation is over. But it certainly created some memorable moments. One such moment occurred while waiting in line for tender tickets so we could actually get off the ship to go experience an exciting adventure in Belize.

I stood in line behind two women, and they were behind some dude with a ball cap. As we approached the table where they handed out the tickets, another woman came up and told the two women in front of me, “Sorry. This is my husband.”

They nodded and smiled. Myself? I leaned up and said in a slight mischievous manner, “Don’t believe her. I saw her in the casino last night with some other man.”

The woman’s eyebrows arched up and a slow smile crept across her face. I imagine she was trying to ascertain whether or not I was serious.

She looked up to her husband—assuming it really was—and said, “Did you hear what he said?”

The other two woman laughed, and I told the man I was playing. He shrugged.

“Probably. But you should have seen the three blondes I was with.”

Everyone laughed, and he earned a playful slug in his arm from his wife. They were the next people in line.

A shape flashed into my peripheral vision. Another woman had moved up to stand with the two in front of me. When I held out my arm to keep her from cutting in line—I wasn’t really going to prevent her from joining her friends—she acted like she was going to bite my arm, and her sun glasses fell from her head and slid across the deck. More laughter from everyone around.

It was a great vacation, touring the Western Caribbean on a 7-day cruise.


On the tender from the ship to the port at Belize City.

Eastern frieze on the pyramid at Xunantunich.

Looking up to the top of they pyramid.

The view from the second-tallest structure in Belize.

Looking up from the western side.