We have not received much snow here in Arkansas over the last half-decade, and that saddens me. Perhaps I am odd. I love the snow. Winter is my favorite season. Cold gives me energy, making me laugh and want to play outside like I’m still a little boy.

This morning it was cooler than a typical May morning but not cold enough to snow by any means. A quick perusal through the weather pages, and I saw that the northeastern United States has a nice blanket of snow. Seriously?!?! We are only six weeks from summer…right in the middle of spring. How did they get so lucky?

The latest snow on modern record for Arkansas is the first week of May. And that happened about seven years ago. Unfortunately, I did not get to experience it as I was in the NORTHEAST on a business trip. Nothing of the white stuff remained by the time I returned.

There can be no business trip to the northeast this time because of a nasty little bug that has brought our normal way of life to a screeching halt. Maybe it will be cleared up this time next year…and it will snow again.

One can hope, right?