The writing plate is not any less full this week than it was last week. Some exciting news has come out though: I have a spooky story included in The Vault of Terror: Tales to Tell, Volume 4 edited by Del Garrett and released by Raven’s Inn Press this month. You can order your copy on Amazon:

Need a spooky around the campfire?

Slipping the Cradle: Next round of edits due back from my publisher mid-February. This is the first in the Lonford Universe series. I have started the outline and research for book 2, tentatively titled Cold Dark of Quiet.

Newspaper Reading: Release date is pushed back to February 8 of this year. I am really excited about this collection and have already received some interest. Here is an excerpt from the poem “The Last Parade” for your enjoyment: They forgot to open the intersection for Armageddon / and the vehicles all backed up down the road / all the way to the museum and the piece of modern art.

Slo-Poke & Rabbit: This is the first book in a planned series of children’s books and is illustrated by the talented Lea Parette. Release date is a tentative March 1, 2022. The second book is already written and won third place in The Afton Rainbolt Children’s Book Award back in October 2021. It is scheduled to come out this fall.

Grey Hall: The first book in a series for middle grade readers. I finished the rough draft last week and met with the illustrator, Shirley McDaniels. This week I have finished the final drafts of the first two chapters. Only 28 to go. We are looking at a Fall 2022 release.

Sketch of Algernon, one of the Guardians of the valley in Grey Hall.

Poetry: I wrote a poem this week for Shannon Vance’s English classes in Denver, Colorado titled “Because He Would Not Kneel” and have submitted it to the journal Consequence. I visited her classes via Zoom call last month. A great experience with wonderful young adults. They all signed a letter and sent me individual thank you notes.

OWFI: Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. is sponsoring several contests for their 2022 conference to be held in May. This week I finished up a middle grade short story called “The Dust that Blows Away.” It is a thriller for young readers about the chaos caused by a goblin war at a drive-in theater.

Bishop: First book in the Dark History series. Didn’t work on it this past week. But it should be ready to send to the publisher by the end of March.

Chief Carter: Did not work on this one either this week as too much stuff got piled up during my writing time. Life…it gets in the way some times. Looking to send it off to the publisher by the end of April.

That’s it for this week. Feel free to send me a note if you have any questions. Take care.